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Development & Planning

Synnove Energy works with customers to understand their energy and procurement needs, then structures unique on-grid and off-grid energy solutions to meet them.

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Project Capitalization

Renewable Energy projects have a unique challenge.  Capital costs are high, but fuel costs are low.  We realize that customers don't always have the capital required to develop and build these power plants.  Synnove has the resources and team to provide the bridge between the need and a performing project.

Construction & Operations 

Synnove Energy's team has experience building and operating over 250MW of solar PV systems in the US and Africa.  Understanding the rapidly changing design and operating parameters of new equipment is vital for maintain healthy financial returns. 



Synnove Energy was formed in 2013 with an operational headquarters in the Republic of Mauritius.  We focus exclusively on building owning and operating renewable energy power plants in Africa.  We currently employ 35 full time permanent staff and over 120 full time temporary construction staff.  Since our formation, we have financed and commissioned $11M in operating PV power plants, are financing and executing another $16M PV power plant and have over $370M in short-listed development projects across the Eastern and Southern Africa Region.  

We believe that renewable energy at all levels provides people and their governments control over where their energy comes from and over their future health.  


Get Rs3000 with our referral plan

The Mauritius Central Electricity Board periodically allows homeowners to generate their own electricity using a photovoltaic system.

Customers that are interested need to apply to the CEB under the SSDG scheme. The CEB is currently not accepting any new applications for the scheme, but they are issuing Letters of Intent to individuals that have applied. If you or anyone you know has received one of these letters in the past 12 months, Synnove Energy is interested in providing a bid for the work.

With expertise in over 250MW of installation in the US and Mauritius, we believe we can offer the best price, best service and best quality. If we are selected for the project and we install the system, we will pay you a referral fee of MUR 3000. This fee will be credited to you if you buy the system, or paid


Year Established


Contracted  & Completed Projects


Projects Under Development


Full time Staff



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +230-5941-9000 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

Bagatelle Office Complex

Level1, Suite B


Republic of Mauritius

Tel: +230-248-9000

Fax: +230-403-0801


To apply for a job with Synnove Energy, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: +230-248-9000
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