Solar In Mauritius

As demand for electricity grows from residential and industrial sectors of Mauritius, Central Electricity Board (CEB) has planned to increase power generation capacity from 650MW to 850MW.  CEB has maintained its commitment to grow this capacity in environmentally responsible way. Solar power generation is an important part of green energy mix along with hydro and wind power plants.  As shown below, 81% of electricity in Mauritius is generated by using fossil fuel as raw material. As the cost of fossil fuel increases and resources become scarce, solar energy provides a greener and cleaner alternative for power generation.


With annual solar radiation of 6kwh/m2, which is considered very good, Mauritius has solid potential to generate solar energy to meet its growing energy needs. Moreover, electricity generation cost has increased by 11% (CAGR) over last 7 years; it is prudent to invest in solar energy generation to lock down the cost in current low interest rate macroeconomic environment. CEB has planned for 25MW solar power generation by 2014 end with eye towards 100MW solar power generation capacity in the future.

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