Generating green power for greener island

Synnove Energy is excited to work with Mauritius to generate green power which will help keep Mauritius green forever.

Sustainable Economic Growth with Clean Domestic Power

Solar power will play a pivotal role in growing energy need of Mauritius. Let's grow in an environmentally responsible way with clean domestic power.

Let's generate solar power for the sunny island of Mauritius

Mauritius gets plenty of sun year round. Let's generate solar power without environmentally harmful fossil fuels.

Growing energy needs in Mauritius

Central Electricity Board (CEB) predicts need of 200MW of power generation capacity by 2022.

Green energy is a critical part of energy mix

In 2011, Mauritius generated only 4% of energy from renewable sources. Let's generate solar energy to reduce reliance fossil fuels.

Harnessing solar power for Mauritius

Mauritius' plentiful solar resources can be harnessed in a way that safeguards water resources, lands, and habitat while reducing dependence on fossil fuels.
Synnove Energy is committed to build solar power plants to produce clean renewal energy in Mauritius and other emerging countries. We believe that solar power will not only provide environmentally friendly power source, but it can also be cost competitive with traditional power which is generated by burning fossil fuels. With focus on building and operating quality solar power plant, Synnove Energy will help reduce Mauritius’ dependence on foreign oil and coal.
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